Monday, July 26, 2010

Masterchef: The Final Wash-up

The juggernaut that is Masterchef has come to end. I’m not gonna lie, as I write this I’m already feeling slightly depressed about my future winter evenings. What am I going to watch on TV tonight? It’s pathetic but true. Perhaps I will actually give my partner some attention now.
(Image: Channel 10)

Firstly, congrats to Adam Liaw – Masterchef for 2010. He really is a fantastic cook, and appears to be an extremely intelligent and worthy guy. In the end, after three rounds, he took out the title. He’d been ahead for most of the night anyway. BUT…

I have to admit I am a bit disappointed. While neither guy was really my favourite, (Marion, oh Marion I know you have a line of sauces – but I miss you) I was backing Callum heading into last night’s finale. I think it might have been the underdog factor. I like a good underdog.

Just a few weeks ago Callum was effing things up left, right and centre. He was loosing his cool and panicking during challenges, and he was riding on the efforts of his team mates to avoid eliminations. Props to Callum though, he scraped himself up off the kitchen floor and got on with it – and look where he is now.

Really, Adam might have won the title, the money and the book deal, but Callum got offered a job and scholarship from George. In my opinion, that’s probably just as good – if not better. Callum will be on the way to fulfill his dream of being a chef and he’ll be working several of George Colombaris’ amazing restaurants while he does it.

You have to admit, this show will be missed. As I write this now, I’m watching Channel 9’s Today Show do a segment on the finale. That’s how big this show has become. One network talking about a rival network’s show in a positive or promotional way used to be a cardinal sin of TV. Not anymore. The positivity of Masterchef’s show is infecting the whole of Television Land. What other reality show can you think of where both people in the final win an amazing career kick-start? Not to mention all the eliminated contestants who have scored other fantastic opportunities in the food industry?

And then there are the ratings. Masterchef has been kicking goals for Channel 10 all season, but last night’s average audience was just shy of 4 million viewers, the third highest ratings ever since OzTAM started counting back in 2001. It was beaten only by the 2005 Australian Open final between Lleyton Hewitt and Marat Safin (4.045 million) and the 2003 Rugby World Cup final (4.016 million). Read more about that here.

And so, with a tear (would it be a Masterchef post if I didn’t cry?) I farewell thee Masterchef. I will miss you, but my waistline won’t. Hopefully Junior Masterchef will kick off in a few weeks and keep me sane!

So what did you think of the finale? Did Adam deserve the win or were you backing Callum? Or did you just lament for Marion, Jimmy or Jonathan?

And…what would your signature dish be if you scored an audition for Masterchef???

Please let me know and help me keep the Masterchef buzz alive for just a few more days…


  1. Great post Kirsty! I got sucked in to the final Masterchef episode last night, and really enjoyed it. It's been such a huge event for TV this year! I see even Coles sales are up.

    Pretty sure my MC signature audition dish would be something super complicated, like a stir fry. Or toast?

  2. French Toast even? :) And I will admit, I am a gullible consumer - I bought the Western Star butter with the Masterchef logo on it. Shame.

  3. Wah! It's 7:30 and I have nothing to watch!!