Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harry Potter and the Enthusiastic Fandom

A very important chapter in my life will soon be drawing to a close. Those of you who know me well will be thinking, 'whatever, you're turning 30. Blah blah blah". But I couldn't care less about that. Thirty smerty. Who cares? Ever since I read a horoscope that told me that my 30s were going to be awesome - I've been waiting with bated breath. No, I am much more upset about another significant event. My decade long love affair with all things Harry Potter is drawing to a close. With the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 this week, and Part 2 in July next year, the nerdtastic behaviour I have revelled in and tortured my friends with shall be no more.

I still remember the day I realised that maybe I was just a little bit obsessed with this series. The 23rd of June, 2003. Two days after the release of the Order of the Phoenix. After a friend had given me the first Harry Potter book for Christmas one year, I'd gone and bought the next three and quickly devoured them. Carrying them around with me constantly, I couldn't put them down. I knew that I loved these books and thought they were fantastic, but I was yet unaware of this strange, powerful influence JK Rowling's words would have over my common sense.

In the days leading up to the release of Order of the Phoenix, I laughed at all the fans lining up. Who would line up just to get a book? I could wait thanks... I lasted two days. The Monday after the book had been released, I was starting to get antsy about wanting to read it. What was going to happen next? Voldemort had just come back. Cedric had just been killed. Shit had gone down. How could I possibly wait to find out what had happened? How could I stand to have that knowledge out there in the universe and not be aware of it myself!! So sneaking out of work five minutes early, I sped to the local shopping centre, determined that I just had to find a copy of the book. And of course I couldn't find one. Two stores were sold out before I found a horribly over-priced adult cover version. Which obviously I had to buy - desperate to have any kind of version of the book.

As I was walking out of the shopping centre, a horrible, stupid tucked away bookstore appeared out of nowhere completely packed to the roof full of the kids cover at half the price. GAH!! Not fair. I left slightly pissed I'd missed out on a bargain, but happy to be able to read the book. And what a glorious night of reading to 2am it was. The next day, with about half of the book to go, work was ridiculously tedious. I just wanted to go home and read. So I did. I chucked a sickie, drove back to the shopping centre, got a refund for the book I'd half read, went to the secret cheap bookstore, bought my half-price kids cover version, drove home and finished the book.

My next holiday destination
 Clearly this is the moment I cracked. And ever since I've been an unapologetic Potter-file. Every time a book or movie is released, in the weeks leading up I become a ridiculous ball of energy. A fine layer of excitement permeates the air. I'm on the internet almost constantly checking for all the latest updates. But with the movies coming to an end and with my imminent adult style birthday approaching, one can't help but think that the coincidence of these two events is a sign to finally let go and grow up. And I'm going to use this opportunity to finally admit to all my Harry Potter nerdiness. A therapeutic confessional outpouring if you will.

››  I own five Harry Potter action figures. Three of which are Ron dolls. I must point out that I only bought myself ONE of these - the talking Ron doll (complete with iconic catchphrases such as "Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?").

››  Whilst lining up for the Goblet of Fire movie, I may have knocked over a small child in my haste to get into the theatre.

››  The Harry Potter websites,, and are bookmarked on my computer and I check them fairly regularly.

››  I postponed my move from Australia to London by two days, because I had originally planned it for the day the Half Blood Prince book came out and there was no way I wasn't locking myself in my room and finishing the book that day!

Goblet of Fire premiere in Leicester Square, London
››  And probably my most hilarious Harry Potter indulgence - I went to the World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in London. Lining up in the rain for 8 hours with thousands and thousands of other Potter fans just to get a glimpse of the stars of the movie - all the while trying to stand upright as I was being pushed about in the moshpit of excited fans screaming for Daniel Radcliffe ("Oh my god. He's so cute!!"). It was a completely ridiculous day and I don't think I'll ever be doing that again, but god it was hilarious! Never again will I be able to randomly talk to the people next to me about the characters and stories in Harry Potter as if they were real. And for those of you who came with me - I did NOT make you come. I casually mentioned I was going to go and you willingly chose to come along with me!

Aww. Who am I kidding? I'll never let Harry Potter go. NEVER! And if anyone wants to buy me a present for my birthday, I'm open to accepting all forms of Harry Potter Lego.


  1. I am laughing so much at this post Kelly! Wonderful! Can't wait to see HP7 Part 1 this week too.

  2. Dude you are crazy! But awesome. I love it.

  3. I love Harry Potter Kelly but you totally take the fan cake! What was your verdict on HP 7? I loved it - but I'm not very discerning - I love them all equally like my children:)

  4. Thought it was FANTASTIC!! I wasn't really impressed with the last one, so this one was really satisfying. So damn intense!! I needed a drink after I left that theatre.