Thursday, August 5, 2010

The iPod Files: Guilty Pleasure Songs

We all have guilty pleasure songs, those songs that come on the radio and have us screaming the lyrics or playing air guitar in the privacy of our cars or homes, but that we’d deny even knowing if questioned. But what about those songs that actually make it onto your iPod, or CD? The ones that are such guilty pleasures, that as embarrassed as you are, you just need to hear them?

Having grown up in a family of music obsessives, my taste in music can be best described as “eclectic”. That’s a nice way of saying if my iPod were to be studied by a group of psychologists, I’d hate to think what they’d make of my personality. I choose to embrace the eclectic-ness, and as such, I’ll give just about anything a listen. But there is a secret shame, lurking within my iPod and just waiting to explode as soon as “shuffle” is hit. The songs that have me at once questioning my taste, and secretly tapping my toes and singing along. So, from my true iPod playlist, I give you my Guilty Pleasure Songs! Please share yours, or let us know what you think, in the comment section below.

Heaven – Bryan Adams

The lyrics are lovely, the tune is catchy, and I’ll defend my love of this song to my grave! But really, Bryan Adams? Oy.

Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) – Phil Collins

I love Peter Gabriel, and he’s well represented on the ol’ playlist. But it’s the “less cool” former Genesis member, Phil Collins and this schmaltzy hit from some film called Against All Odds that makes my list for pure guilty pleasure purposes.

Don’t Rain On My Parade – Barbra Streisand

I absolutely adore Babs, she’s like buttah , and I recently discovered that a big fat dose of Don’t Rain On My Parade on my way to work in the morning actually has me smiling in the endless peak hour traffic. “I’m gonna live, and live now!” And before you ask, yes, I think I am a gay man at heart.

We Don’t Need Another Hero – Tina Turner

Tina’s song, from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, takes itself very seriously. And so should you. It’s awesome.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

I defy anyone to hate on this Cyndi classic. I remember being obsessed with the video clip that aired during the ABC's Afternoon Show with Michael Tunn. Old school.

I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness

Power rockers The Darkness never took themselves very seriously, but I love this guilty pleasure hit like a heart attack.

Slice of Heaven – Dave Dobbyn and Herbs

Yeah, it’s a Kiwi song that makes us think of Footrot Flats. But it’s so damn catchy! The chorus of men – altogether now! “Ba da da, boom boom, ba da da, boom boom…”

Jolene – Dolly Parton

Dolly wrote this song about some skank who wanted a piece of her man. She’s begging Jolene not to take him. As if he could choose some skank over Dolly!

Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran

So, this Duran Duran hit is apparently about the personal goings-on between a man and a lady who love each other very much. It’s becoming a theme, but … CATCHY tune!

Rocket Man – Elton John

I remember David’s men’s chorus singing this on Six Feet Under. Strange lyrics, guilty pleasure song.

Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley

Suspicious Minds does that ploy of not ending when you think it has. Tricky! Favourite part: “All that our love survived…” That’s true pain in the Kings voice.

I Did It My Way – Frank Sinatra

Let’s face it, Sinatra basically talks his way through most of his most famous signature song. Still, what a great signature song it is.

Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know that I’d love this song?

November Rain – Guns N Roses

Power ballad. YES. Remember Slash’s guitar solo outside the church in the desert, with his electric guitar plugged into… nothing?

You Can’t Stop The Beat – Hairspray

Love it. “The motion of the ocean and the rain from above!” You Can’t Stop to Breathe if you try to sing along to this modern Broadway classic though.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Screw “Glee”, Don’t Stop Believing was a guilty pleasure song long before the fictional show choir’s (also terrific) take. Best use of the Journey classic: Last scene of the Sopranos.

One Night In Bangkok – Murray Head

“Bangkok, Oriental setting, and the city don’t know what the city is getting”. Murray Head is kind of rapping in this most famous song from “Chess”, right? Gold.

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon

Apparently written as a rhyming game for his young son, this Paul Simon hit is nowhere near his best song, or best lyrics, but it’s a guilty pleasure all the same.

Umbrella – Rhianna

I love Umbrella like a fat kid loves cake. Plus, the lyrics are nice. That qualifies, right?

Okay, now it's your turn kids! Comments below.


  1. Ditto for Umbrella. Would like to raise you All I want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey.

  2. Great list Ames. Big fat definite yes for Journey. My sick-sad-urge songs include anything from the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack (specifically the Aussie nineties version with John Farnham and Kate Cebrano). There's something completely wrong (and yet completely right) about singing all the different parts at the top of your lungs while stuck in traffic.

  3. Nice work on The King Amy, I must confess to signing Suspicious Minds with hair brush! Also have to add to the list Rockstar (Nickelback) and Love Story (Taylor Swift). I'm also guilty of signing in the car like I'm in the video clip. Shame.

  4. "Something Good" by Utah Saints. Haha it's my warm up treadmill song and I have found a remix with some great beats!
    I'm also a closet Britney fan. I love Toxic.

    Oh and "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake.


  5. Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Suede. Yes, Ally McBeal kind of ruined it, but the original is still an awesome song (especially at the gym!)

  6. So, my guilty pleasure songs are: Larger than life - Backstreet Boys; Gloria - Laura Brennigan (flashdance!); and no limit - two unlimited....just to name a few...tragic.